Arts Week: ‘Connectivity’ Photo Exhibition

‘Let’s ‘bee’ Connected to Nature’ by Luke, 4th class
‘Bee Connected’ by Paul, 4th Class
‘The Red Admiral’ by Sebastian, 4th Class
‘Connectivity, I Suppose’ by Sadbh, 5th class
‘Leads United’ by Seamus, 4th Class
‘High Wire’ by Seamus, 5th
‘These Bikes Really *spoke* to Me’ by Yulia, 5th Class
‘ Swimming in the Lake’ by Réalta, 3rd Class
‘The Sleeping Dog’ by Sinéad
‘Intertwined’ by Cúán, 6th Class
‘Apart but Together’ by Lucy, 4th Class
‘The South Wall’ by Lucy, 3rd Class (a first glimpse of sea after lockdown eased)
‘A Beautiful Day’ by Maria, 6th Class
‘Untitled’ by Darragh, 6th Class
‘Still Life’ by Gaby, 6th Class
‘Lockdown, brought us together’ by Mya, 3rd Class

‘Bird Watching’ by Sophie, 5th Class
‘Paw’ by Ellie, 4th Class
“Sparks Connect” a light painting by Zoe, 3rd class
‘The Doorway to The Underworld’ by Martha, 5th Class
‘Friends’ by Mira, 6th Class
‘Hands Up’ a series of photos of 3rd Class hands by Lucy, 3rd Class
‘Connectivity’ a series of photos by Aoife, 2nd Class
‘Linked Together’ by Meabh, 5th Class
‘Flowerific Beauty and Sprinkles’ a tryp-tich by Hazel, 3rd Class
‘Conectivity’ by Xaver, 4th Class
‘Elliott’s Museum’ by Elliott, 2nd Class
‘His One True Love’ by Daniel, 6th Class
‘Connected by Love’ by Lucy 6th Class
‘Untitled’ by Juliette, 6th Class
‘The Royal Canal’ by Amaia, 3rd Class
‘House’ by Amaia, 3rd Class
‘???!!!’ by Patrick, 3rd Class
‘Happy hydrangeas under the data lines’ by Ciara, 2nd Class
‘Family Love’ by Harry, 4th Class

Carol Dempsey, June 15, 2020