Arts Week: Puppetry Workshop

In this workshop, puppeteer Niamh Lawlor (with the help of some puppets!) takes us through the process of making and performing with simple sock puppets largely using materials that we can find at home.


Niamh and her puppets give us lots of different ideas in the video:

1:48 Different materials that might be useful

10:25 Making a simple stuffed puppet

11:40 Putting a moving mouth on your puppet

16:12 Making a mouth for your puppet that is more discrete

19:00 Shaping the puppet from the inside

23:19 Adding eyes, noses, ears

28:00 Adding hair

31:18 Putting on a show


After you have made your puppets, you could put on a show to share with your family, your friends, or your teacher!


Some of you had questions for Niamh and her puppets. Here are their answers.


Farrah (junior infants): Do your puppets ever fight?


Alex (2nd class): Is being a puppeteer your dream job?


Ellen (4th class): What is the most ambitious puppet you have ever made?


Siún (4th class): Is it hard to focus on moving the puppet’s mouth when you are talking? 


Eva (2nd class): How do you hide the card outside the puppet’s mouth?

Sinéad (4th class): How do you make the hands and legs? 


Aobh (junior infants): Do all your puppets have different voices? Do you make families of puppets?

Ciara Friel, June 14, 2020