Architects of the Future

In Susan’s 2nd class, we learned about Gaudi and created gorgeous paper mosaics in the style of his work. We then learned about Hundertwasser, who was also inspired by Gaudi. Hundertwasser created wonderful architecture that was unique, environmentally-friendly and a little bit whacky. Inspired by Hundertwasser, we created our own buildings from recycled and found […]

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Susan Bailey, June 19, 2021

Walking Sculpture Tour of Dublin

We had a super day today in Susan’s 2nd class on our walking tour of sculpture, bridges and other buildings of interest in Dublin, bringing to life some of the topics we learned about this term: like how the Choctaw Tribe helped out the Irish during the famine; how Cú Chulainn tied himself to a rock to […]

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Susan Bailey, June 17, 2021

Different Families, Same Love

We’re delighted to share our super news with you. Susan’s 2nd class won 1st prize in the junior category of the Different Families, Same Love competition for our board game “Don’t Wake Up Granny!” You can watch a YouTube clip about our game here:

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Susan Bailey, June 15, 2021

Summer Art Exhibition

Everyone in Susan’s 2nd chose their favourite work of art that they’ve created since September for our Summer Art Exhibition. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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Susan Bailey, June 11, 2021

Learn Together Displays

It was with a heavy heart that Susan took down our Sikhism display from outside Fionnuala’s office, but she replaced it with a Passover one, and then with a Judaism one, so she got over it! Even though we didn’t learn all about Islam this year, we did learn about Ramadan. So, watch this space […]

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Susan Bailey, April 30, 2021

Incredible Edibles #2 – Gardening with Gareth

We had great fun today with Gareth, Senan and Daire’s Dad. He’s a horticulturalist, so he came in to help us plant out our Incredible Edibles seedlings. We didn’t mind that it was raining, as that was good for our freshly planted-out plants. Here are some photos of the fun we had. Thanks Gareth!

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Susan Bailey, April 30, 2021

Moses and Mount Sinai

Samuel, the persona doll, has been visiting us since December, teaching us about Judaism. This week we learned the story of Moses and Mount Sinai. These are the comic strips we created to tell the story.

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Susan Bailey, March 19, 2021