Newsletter November 18th

Role play during assembly today.

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you have had a nice week.

We have had a lovely week, finishing off with our assemblies today and yesterday.  Our theme for these assemblies was Honesty. This came under the Moral and Spiritual Strand of the old Learn Together Curriculum. The Moral and Spiritual strand is now called Values and Ethical Perspectives in the new Revised Learn Together Curriculum. The children demonstrated in so many ways their understanding of the value of honesty through story, their own dramas, song and poetry. 6th class even taught us some phrases we could use when it is difficult to be honest without hurting the feelings of the person we are speaking to!

D7ETNS clothing

Fashionflo have been in touch to say the link will now remain open until next Friday if you wish to buy D7ETNS school attire.

If you have lost a leap card recently, it may be in the office. Celine has a few that have been handed in.

Finally, gentle reminder not to take dogs into the yard.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Don’t forget to book your slot at the parent teacher meetings next week. This link will close on Sunday night.

Forest School

Katrina’s First class enjoyed Forest School sessions over the Autumn term, if you would like a flavour of what they got up to please see Gráinne’s post.

Thank you Gráinne

Volcano project

6th class Science projects

Thank you so much to 6th class for sharing their expertise with us all today and yesterday. The children did wonderful research and showcased their research to the younger classes.

Fionnuala McHugh, November 21, 2022