Medieval Dublin Walk

5th Class took a walk through Medieval Dublin on Thursday. The Viking Gods looked kindly upon us as we were blessed with glorious sunshine and had the city to ourselves.

We started at Wood Quay where the marauding invaders commandeered an old Viking Longship as we followed the route of the Old Walled City, visiting Isolde’s Tower before arriving at City Hall.

Finding the Castle unguarded, we advanced over the moat, gazing longingly at the fish swimming under the bridge. Having gained the element of surprise, we rushed the Upper Courtyard and captured control of the Dubh Linn Gardens. Like in days of old, the invading hordes soon banished all signs of human life from the area and set up camp.

Having enjoyed some rest and vittles, we continued our journey visiting Christchurch, the site where King Sitric first built a Church and wound our way back through the streets of Viking Dublin visiting Winetavern Street and St Audeon’s Gate, where the city walls still stand tall.

We were finally banished from the medieval town and sent to live out our days in Oxmanstown Green where ye old playground was captured and our time travel came to an end. 

Padraig Phelan, June 23, 2021