World Book Day 2021

This year, World Book Day was like no other in D7ET…our younger classes were in school to celebrate the day while our older classes had to muster up a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to celebrate from home. Regardless of the circumstances, our pupils showed once again just how much they love books. 

3rd – 6th class pupils tailor made their own Book Day experiences using a choice board. They recreated book covers, devised book recommendation lists, re-enacted scenes from their favourite stories, made bookmarks, took ‘Shelfies’ of their bookshelves and of course did lots and lots of reading!! 

Infants to 2nd class pupils (and teachers!) impressed us a lot with their highly creative costumes. We had children that remained in character for the day. They told us to mark their regular persona absent! Even our Paddington Bears brought marmalade sandwiches to school for lunch!!

Each class had its own celebration.  

Ciara’s Junior Infants

Maria’s 1st class celebrated by doing Show and Tells with books (on Seesaw or from the class library) and costumes. They had lots of fun!  

Carol’s Junior Infants (and their Queen of Books teacher!) looked through the special books they got from the library for some of their tricky words.  

Katrina’s Senior Infants had fun dressing up as their favourite storybook characters for World Book Day. They had some big bad wolves, a demon dentist, a hungry caterpillar, Harry Potter and Hermione Grainger and even some characters from stories they have written themselves. They designed and made bookmarks and had a ‘Guess the fairytale’ quiz in teams. Extra stories throughout the day made the day even more enjoyable.  

Well done to everyone for making D7ET World Book Day so special.  Here are some more photos of the day.

Ruth Fitzgerald, March 5, 2021