4th Class Art: Fruit Watercolours

These pictures are an exercise in drawing what you see, as opposed to interpreting objects from your pre-conceptions. We tend to represent fruit as we feel it should be, making bananas into a bent shape and apples into perfect spheres, even if they don’t actually look that way on observation.

The first step in this exercise was to outline the main shapes inthe composition in a realistic and perfectly observed way.

When that was satisfactorily drawn, a one colour light application of watercolour was applied, keeping the wash transparent enough to add shades and hues to gradually.

The pupils were urged to experiment in how to apply the subtle colours of fruit; some going as far as to use flicked droplets of watercolour to represent pear spots.

The results are a credit to all the class.

D7ET Archivist, May 27, 2011