Arts Week: Response to Animation Workshop

Character Drawing: Platajelly-  half jellyfish , half platypus by Daniel, Junior Infants 
Character Drawing: Fatoman by Harry, 4th Class
‘Olivia and the Turtles’ by Ciara, 2nd Class
‘Pizza Dog’ by Jane
‘Nya Attacks’ by Daniel, Junior Infants
‘Fuzz the Chick’ two drawings for animation by Clara, 1st Class
‘Fluffy’ by Sheena, Senior infants
‘Mr Watson’ by Kate, 5th Class
‘Untitled’ by Lucy M, 3rd Class (homemade salt dough stop motion animation)
by Aaron, 1st Class
‘Stickman Catching a Ball’ by Luke, 4th Class
‘Hello’ by Sophie, 5th Class
‘Star Wars, a Lego Animation’ by Elise, 1st Class
‘Going Round’ by Elsa, 2nd Class
‘Bunny’s Big Day Out’ by Anya, Junior Infants
‘Lego Animation’ by Lucy and Penny
‘Moving Doll’ by Aobh, Junior Infants
‘Dog’ by Tom, Senior Infants
‘Football Boy’
‘Friendship’ by Ellie, 4th Class
‘ World’s Falling Down’ by Meabh, 5th Class
‘Ballet’ by Laoise
‘Spike’ by James, 4th Class
‘Untitled’ by JJ, 4th Class
‘Untitled’ by Katie, 4th Class
‘Untitled’ by Nathan, 4th class
‘The Bouncing Ball’ by Orla, 4th Class
‘Connectivity’ by Xaver, 4th Class
‘Untitled’ by Xaver, 4th Class
‘Untitled’ by , Seamus 4th Class
‘Cake Shop’ by Chloe, Junior Infants
‘Untitled’ by Ben, 4th Class
Carol Dempsey, June 16, 2020