Arts Week: Animation Workshop

In this video you will meet Chris who is an animator. Chris will talk to you about what animation is, the equipment he uses and he has even created a character especially for you called Tom. He shows you how he starts to draw Tom and how he makes him move. Chris will invite you to create a character of your own at the end of the video.

Some of you had questions for Chris. He answers them in the videos below.

Liam (2nd class): How did you make Tom animated?

Clara (1st class): What are the intermediate picture? How did you make them?


Marco (senior infants): What animations have you worked on? My favourite is Minions.


Tom (senior infants): Drawing different types of eyes is a good way to show how characters are feeling. Can you draw some examples of different eyes and eyebrows to show characters’ emotions?

Seán (4th class): How do you become a professional animator?

Ciara Friel, June 14, 2020