Hannah Departure

Hannah Pardoe (2nd Cloass) and brother David (Senior Infants)  are leaving D7Et today. Though sad to go, they are looking forward to their new school in Portadown, Armagh, where Hannah’s grandmother will be her teacher.

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D7ET Archivist, March 27, 2015

Persian New Year

  Pirooz Daneshmandi dropped in to let the class know about Persian New Year, which started on March 21st (The Spring Equinox). On that day, Persians must eat particular things, wear special clothes and visit relatives in a particular order. What you do on this day has repercussion for the rest of the year. Persia […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 27, 2015


Peadar’s 2nd Class engaged in maths stations, March 26th 2015. This week’s theme is 3D Shapes. Table 1 are making cocktails stick 3D shapes. tables 2 are completiung nested shapes from paper 2D shapes. table 3 are working on a memory game, and Table 4 (with Learning Support teacher Sarah), are making shapes from straws. […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 26, 2015

From Milano to Stephen’s Green

On Wednesday, March 25, we went on a pizza-making trip. First, we got a bus into town. As we arrived earlier than expected, we took a detour into Trinity College and ate our snacks. Next, we walked up Dawson Street to Milano. There, we donned our aprons and chefs hats and got ready to cook. […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 25, 2015

Getting ready for the D7K

Mark Sexton gets pupils moving for the launch of D7K registration, 2015. Details are on the school website.  Olympic ceremonies have been less coordinated. Johnny Cooper (Dublin football star) interviews last year’s winners in these pics. Register early with your family for either the 7k or the 3k.

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D7ET Archivist, March 25, 2015

Library Delinquents Beware! The Library Council is Here!

New Library Council members Alice, Mollie and Maisie (Eve was elsewhere) popped into the classes to remind everyone about the importance of keeping the school library tidy. There have been instances of Senior Fiction being mixed up with Junior fiction, juice bottles left under shelves and cushions thrown about. There are signs and stickers to […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 25, 2015

Palindrome Poem (2nd Class Peadar)

Life in Reverse (2nd Class D7ET Palindrome poem) Madam, I’m Adam. Dad has a kayak that he bought at noon. Hannah is a pop star, but it is a deed for her to make guitar solos A nun in Navan sees Bob and his pup with his mum. I peep without a radar or even […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 23, 2015


Friday, March 20th was the occasion of a 95% lunar eclipse (the one where the moon gets in the way of the sun). D7ET pupils were well-prepared with viewers and periscopes. We were also well warned to not stare directly at the sun, to protect our retinas. We needn’t have worried. Friday was also the […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 23, 2015

Parkside Sports 2015

The first week in March alwasy means the Parkside Sports, where all local schools gather for a Cross-Country race in John Paul Park. The weather is always nippy, but bright. And so it was this year. Even Conroy came 5th in her race. Felix Moloney Daly and Sky Sinnott got third. Aoibh Collins and Laura […]

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D7ET Archivist, March 5, 2015