Winter Lights

Winter Lights Procession was on Wednesday, November 26th. All classes performed winter songs, including: “Wonderful World” and “This Little LIght of Mine”. Patricia did the conducting. 5th and 6th class […]

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D7ET Archivist, November 30, 2012

6th Class Art

Pictures to display a selection of our art created during Sept-Nov of 2012. THere are Native American Totem Poles, Van Gogh stained glass, and Winter Lights lamps.

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D7ET Archivist, November 30, 2012

Stanhope St. Show

D7Et 5th and 6th Class were treated to the preview of Stanhope St. Secondary SChool’s latest musical, “From the Heart” on November 8th. If featured hit songs from every decade […]

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D7ET Archivist, November 8, 2012