This story was completed by 5th Class, D7ET as part of their Pushkin project for 2008. A professional illustrator gave us some valuable lessons on storyboarding and drawing characters consistently, but all of the drawings you see here were rendered by the 25 children in the class.    A man and his son took a trip to the […]

D7ET Archivist, May 30, 2008

Stick in the muds!

5th Class had their annual school our on Wenesday, May 21st, with a trip to the Causey Experience in Co. Meath. Situated on a family farm near Fordstown, the bog proved to be a more interesting tour destination than it sounded. While there, the class learnt about Ireland’s bogs, their use for fuel and food preservation, […]

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D7ET Archivist, May 23, 2008

Mayday! Mayday! Where are we?

  On May 1st, we  went  to Wicklow,  and arrived  at Kilrudderry house  – eventually . The  wind   blew  us  off-course  at  first. Kilrudderry House, near Bray, is privately-owned, but open to the public during the summer. We were divided into groups on arrival. Each  group did  two  workshops: music, writing  or  an enviromental  walk.  The weather was […]

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D7ET Archivist, May 2, 2008