22 12 2023

D7ETNS Student Council. We will have our first meeting on Friday, January 12th.

Good afternoon parents and guardians,

What a busy month it has been.

It started with the bazaar. Then we had student council elections, solstice walk, trips to the theatre, cinema, visits from rugby stars, debating,  songs and theatrical performances here in school. We are all ready for a break. We have lots to look forward to in the new year.

Next term D7ETNS  6th class will take part in a course in cycling safety training run by the DUBLIN BAY CYCLING CENTRE ( course is aligned to CYCLE RIGHT, the National Standard for Cycle Safety Training in Ireland, and is delivered by qualified trainers from the national register. The training will prove invaluable to everyone. For those who already cycle to school, the benefits are obvious, but training is just as important for children who cycle only at home and during the holidays.

The course will consist of 7 sessions with the pupils. Topics covered will include safe equipment; rules of the road; starting and stopping; road positioning; shoulder checking; turning left and right; overtaking and traffic manoeuvres.  The emphasis of the course is on safety through control of the bike and awareness of surroundings.

At the end of the course, each child will receive a digital certificate of participation.

STEM Grant

We got great news yesterday when we were awarded the maximum STEM grant of €10,000 from the DES. Thank you Veronica for making the application on behalf of everyone in the school.  

Veronica has great plans now to purchase lots of STEM equipment. Our shopping list includes Knex Classroom Collection Sets, Magna Tiles, Meccano Sets, Digital Microscopes , Light Boxes, Lego Spike Kits, Beebots and much more


On Monday the 3 first classes, 2 second classes and some of the children from Katie-Rose’s ALC class went to the Lighthouse to see Arthur Christmas. The movie started at 10am and we all really enjoyed it. When it was over at 11.40am we walked back to the school and went straight to Lón Mór. It was a great morning out!

Slán Denis

Sadly after 5 years of being very much part of the D7 team, we have had to say goodbye to Denis. Thank you to some of our student council members who led the tribute to Denis at our assembly this week. Denis has great plans to clock up plenty of air miles. He has promised he will visit us regularly which we appreciate.


3rd and 4th class yard has been great fun lately as the children are setting challenges for themselves. A special mention to the group of skipping record breakers in the yard today  with over 1,000 skips!

Congratulations Cian

Congratulations Cian from1st class. He won a Lego competition for creating a model of an Irish lynx. Cian’s winning entry is based on the Wild Ireland Nature Reserve. 

Here’s what the judges had to say about the entry:

Wow! This cleverly-designed lynx looks great and Cian has obviously put in a lot of time and effort in both research and design. The result is a lovely sculpture with lots of vibrant colour. Fantastic work, Cian!”

 The Heritage Council plan to exhibit the winning Lego entries at Medieval Mile Museum Kilkenny for a period of 3 weeks starting 11th January. 

Thank you Hugo

There was great excitement on Wednesday when Irish Rugby star Hugo Keenan accompanied his cousin Magnus to school. He visited many classrooms and all the children on yard. He answered questions about sport, his training schedule and the recent Rugby World cup in France. Many children wore green for Hugo, and he heard Ireland’s call resonating throughout the building as he went from room to room.

Question and answer in Niamh B’s 4th class

Tá súil agam go mbeidh Nollaig álainn agus bliain nua iontach agaibh go léir. Have a wonderful, very well-deserved break everyone


Fionnuala McHugh, December 22, 2023