Active Week 2021

Well done to everyone for making Active Week so much fun this year. We kicked off on Monday with fun activities such as frisbee, athletics and boxing. On Tuesday, Padraig invited us all to Grangegorman where the whole school participated in his fantastic fun stations, incorporating everything from dance to Tug-of-War to dodgeball. Michael and Deirdre treated the 5th class pupils to some yoga which was a big hit. The bad weather on Wednesday meant we all got a little breather, but we still got some activity in with Drop Everything and Dance. After a three-year hiatus, we welcomed the return of Sports Day on Thursday. It was an enjoyable day for everyone, even though the 6th class pupils were much faster than the teachers in their race! The week culminated in our very first staff vs 6th class soccer match in Grangegorman, with the old favourite principal penalty shootout providing half time entertainment. The skilful students caught the unsuspecting staff off guard with some impressive tactics and managed to edge a win by one goal. The final score was 5-4, the first ever student victory in a sports event in the history of D7, well done 6th class. And a big congratulations also to Wesley’s 5th, who won the penalty shootout.

Check out some of the highlights of the week here: 

Ruth Fitzgerald, June 29, 2021