SCHOOL TOUR 2011 (3rd, 4th, 5th)

This year’s senior classes went to Pine Forest Arts Centre in Glencullen for the annual school outing.  The centre is actually located right on the border of Wicklow and Dublin, the bridge below spanning the divide.  

It certainly felt like Wicklow, with localised weather: whilst Dublin City’s skies, visible in the distance, were blue and clear, we were shrouded in mist for the day. In fact, the wet weather really didn’t suit our plans, and an early hike up the hill was curtailed by rain.

The centre offers art classes in small huts for children. Though they were a bit cramped, D7ET’s boys and girls were very patient and cooperative under the circumstances. 

At the end of the day, pupils brought back some butterflies and figurines as evidence of their day’s work.

4th Class offered some mixed comments on the day:

Someone crushed our art with a roll of papers.
The hike was fun, it was steep, but the art was a bit too easy and straightforward.
It was fun when our teacher fell.
If the weather was better, we could have had more of a hike. I would also have liked to see more animals.
One side of the bridge was in Dublin; the other was in Wicklow.
I thought the art allowed you to be more creative because it was simple.
The pond was nice; it had lots of tadpoles.
No, it was too small. It didn’t have creatures like frogs and newts.
I found a dead one.
It was wet and muddy, which made it more fun.”

D7ET Archivist, May 27, 2011