Scratch and Scratch Junior classes completed a successful first term with D7ET in June 2016. ALl pupils from 1st to 6th got an opportunity to be introduced to the program, now regarded as essential for computer programmers of the future.  Thanks to all the team of voluntary instructors for giving up their time (Glenn, Pirooz, […]

D7ET Archivist, June 29, 2016


 Active Week Events; Copeira Argentinian Martial Arts, Fencing, Dancing, Visit to Grangegorman Sports Centre, Penalty Shoot-Outs, Teacher Vs. Pupil basketball, Sports Day Stations, Fun Stations,     AA

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D7ET Archivist, June 27, 2016

CUP PHONES (2nd Class Peadar)

2nd Class learned all about communications inventions this week, including Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone. Here, we are experimenting with conduction of sound along a wire (or wool string). At the end, children were able to explain how the telephone works (“You press a button and talk into it”); how the television works […]

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D7ET Archivist, June 27, 2016

Road Safety Pics and slogans (2nd Class)

Walks at a slow Pace And Cross at a safe place Be sure to listen, Be sure to look It’s the first rule in the safety book Don’t jump in front of a speeding car If you do, you won’t get far.    

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D7ET Archivist, June 16, 2016

(2nd Class Peadar) Moon Poem

THE MOON The moon circles round us every night There it is always gleaming bright It acts as a lantern glowing white Its beam is steady and lights up the night All kinds of lunatics will soon come out As men become werewolves, hair will sprout Every month as the full moon rises Werewolves gather […]

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D7ET Archivist, June 10, 2016