Covid-19 arrangements for 2020/21

Thanks to a lot of work from all the staff, our school has re-opened for the 2020/21 school year. Our Covid-19 Policy and Response Plan give more details on how this will work. See also the government's Reopening our primary and special schools information.

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A Look Back at Arts Week 2019

Here is a throwback to Arts Week 2019, when our theme was Creativity. We had a wonderful week, filled with samba drumming, song writing, mural making, solstice yoga, face painting, morning time busking and so much more. Who could have imagined how much change the year ahead would bring? We hope that watching the video […]

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Ciara Friel, June 29, 2020

Arts Week: Rainbow Connection

During Arts Week, we explored connectivity through a range of different projects. One of these projects resulted in the creation of some new, rather socky characters. Our sock puppet friends helped us out in making this Rainbow Connection video. Well done to all who took part, humans and socks alike! We can all still work […]

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Ciara Friel, June 24, 2020

Arts Week: Response to Puppetry Workshop

Lilly and Everest, by Stella from junior infants . Ginny Weasley, with her creator from senior infants, and reading George’s Marvellous Medicine . Spotty, by Clara in 1st class . Lucy Junior, with her creator from 3rd class . Andy the sock puppet, by Zoe in 3rd class . Jack, with his creator from 2nd […]

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Ciara Friel, June 17, 2020

Arts Week: Photography Workshop

In this video you will meet two photographers, Anita and Avi. They will talk you through their process of taking a picture, both landscapes and portraits and show you some of their work. You will find more information, tips and photo challenges attached in the link below. . Siún from 4th class was wondering what […]

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Ciara Friel, June 14, 2020

Arts Week: Animation Workshop

In this video you will meet Chris who is an animator. Chris will talk to you about what animation is, the equipment he uses and he has even created a character especially for you called Tom. He shows you how he starts to draw Tom and how he makes him move. Chris will invite you […]

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Ciara Friel, June 14, 2020