Photos: Aisling McCoy / Grafton Architects

Admission information for 2024/25

The Annual Admissions Notice 2024/25 has all the relevant information for Enrolment 2024/25. The link for the application form will open on October 16th. See our Enrolment page for details.

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June 30th, 2024 Outdoor Learning sessions in TUDublin Good afternoon parents and guardian, I hope you have had a nice week. We have been busy this week with our 6th […]

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Fionnuala McHugh, June 28, 2024

Arts Week 2024

Here are some pics from last week’s D7ET Arts Week, which featured performance as its central focus. Thanks hugely to Romey for her Harmonic singing lessons that brought the whole […]

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Peadar Donnelly, June 25, 2024

21 06 2024

Newsletter School ribbon dance on Tuesday Good afternoon parents and guardians, I hope you have had a nice week. We are at the end of a most enjoyable Arts week […]

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Fionnuala McHugh, June 21, 2024

2nd Class (Peadar) Poem

THE ASH TREE (2nd Class) Oh, ash tree, my beauty! Your leaves always are odd-numbered With fives, nines, threes and elevens But not twos or fours. Each day you grow […]

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Peadar Donnelly, June 21, 2024

Newsletter June 14th, 2024

Thanks Paul and his 3rd class for their rendition of the song D7 Forever at the official launch of ‘THE GOLDEN BANDSTAND – Sculpture. Good afternoon parents and guardians, The […]

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Fionnuala McHugh, June 14, 2024

2nd Class Trip To St Patricks Cathedral

ST PATS TRIP “I liked the workshop because it was creative.” “The toilets were very crusty.” “I couldn’t finish my stained glass becasue we didn’t have enough time.” “I loved […]

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Peadar Donnelly, June 7, 2024

Friendship Week 2023

This week, we celebrated Friendship Week with the aim of getting to know each other, creating a positive school climate and embedding anti-bullying strategies early in the year (all while […]

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Ciara Friel, September 22, 2023