Sibling After Care Tender 2015

The Board of Management is inviting applications from within the school community to provide a 'sibling hour' service for the 2015 / 2016 school year. The Board envisages that the service will be provided within the following parameters:

  • The ratio of children to 'minders' will not exceed 10/1, there will be a maximum of 36 children at any time.
  • Garda vetting of the 'minders' will be required (and will be arranged by the Board).
  • It will be a matter for the service provider to set a fee per child and to indicate in their tender what they propose that fee will be.
  • It will be a matter for the service provider to manage the financial aspects i.e, to collect payments from parents / guardians and to discharge any accounts or invoices that may arise.
  • The Board is facilitating the service only and the service provider will not be an employee of the Board.
  • The service provider will be responsible for insurance, for payments to any other minder(s) and for additional equipment / materials. A copy of the insurance policy must be provided to the Board on request. The service provider will not be responsible for heating / electricity costs.
  • The service provider will liaise on a regular basis with the Board chairperson / school principal to address any issues that may be of concern to the Board or to the service provider.
  • The service will be provided in accordance with the attached guidelines in relation to its conduct.
  • The Board reserves the right to terminate the service in the event of failure to adhere to these parameters, for persistent breach of the aforementioned guidelines, or in the event that the school relocates to a premises that is not suitable to facilitate the service.

Any parent or guardian who is interested in providing the service should apply in writing by no later than the 15th of May 2015 and should address their application to the Chairperson of the Board. They should state in the application their relevant experience and also their vision for the service. Applications should be left in the school office or sent by post.

Sibling Aftercare Guidelines

The sibling aftercare is facilitated on school premises and should be run in accordance with the following procedures. The sibling hour is a quiet, restful time for children when they can sit quietly, look at picture books, listen to a story or songs or draw pictures.


  • No child may leave the room(s) unaccompanied.
  • The room(s) used should be ventilated for a few minutes before 1.10, by opening at least one window in each room.
  • Children’s behaviour will be of the same standard that is expected of them in classes.
  • Broken, incomplete or dangerous toys should not be in the rooms.
  • The service provider will have an incident report book and any accidents, breakages, incidents or unruly or unacceptable behaviour will be recorded.
  • Children should not bring personal toys, etc. into the rooms.
  • The service provider will have available at all times a basic first aid kit.
  • The service provider will be responsible for ensuring that the room(s) are cleaned after the children have departed.
  • Supervisors shall ensure that school classes are not interfered with.

The willingness of the BOM to facilitate the sibling hour service will be withdrawn if either a serious issue arises, or a series of minor unacceptable ones occur. Supervisors are obliged to familiarise themselves with the relevant BOM policies including the Code of Behaviour the Anti-Bullying policy, and the policy on Home / School Communication.

April 2015