Garda Vetting Policy for Dublin 7 Educate Together National School


All members of the school community who have necessary and regular access to or contact with children must have successfully undergone Garda Vetting prior to commencement of employment or relevant volunteer work in the school. In the future staff will be re-vetted on a regular basis.

This school will use Garda Vetting as part of a wider process to ensure the protection and safety of all members of the school community.  The process of Garda Vetting is carried out by the National Vetting Bureau (NVB). The function of the NVB is to provide Garda Vetting Disclosures in respect of an applicant to a registered organisation.  Disclosures can be ‘nil’ (no record found) or consist of details of convictions, together with an ancillary or consequential orders and/or a record of any prosecutions pending and/or specified information,


The goal of this policy is to ensure that the school is a safe and secure environment for children.

The Policy:

All offers of employment to non-teaching staff and all relevant volunteer roles (footnote: Volunteer Roles which require Vetting, as specified in the Act and in the DES Circular 0031/2016 include volunteers who assist the school on a regular basis (rather than occasional) and whose role involves coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching or training of children. Roles which do not fall into these categories may not require Vetting.) are subject to satisfactory Garda Vetting Disclosures.  Failure to complete the Garda Vetting process will automatically disqualify the applicant. The provision of inaccurate information, such as an inaccurate date of birth or address, may also disqualify the applicant.  Applicants will be invited to a meeting regarding any disclosures of a criminal record or other information, including to address errors or cases of mistaken identity. In such cases, re-vetting will take place.  All returned Garda Vetting Disclosures will be handled in strictest confidence.

Garda Vetting Disclosures will only be retained by the school in the event of a successful appointment and will be appropriately sealed and retained in a secure location.  In all decisions, it is recognised that the school’s first priority is its responsibility to the children attending the school.

Policy Review:

This Policy will be reviewed as necessary and particularly to comply with any relevant legislative changes.

Policy adopted by Board of Management on ___28-Feb-2017___.

Signed_______[signature]__________ Chairperson.