This is a review of the after-school activities policy, drawn up by parents and staff and agreed by the Board of Management in 2001, and reviewed in 2008, 2010, and 2018. The Board of Management of Dublin 7 Educate Together NS is favourable to after-school classes/activities being offered to its pupils on the school premises and within the school grounds. Classes are co-ordinated by a sub-committee of the Board.


The After-School Activities sub-committee of the Board welcomes written proposals offering classes to the school’s pupils, both from within the school community and from private individuals or groups. All submissions will be given due consideration. Board sanction is required for all such activities. In considering and approving activities and classes the Board will take into account the suitability of the activity. The activity should not conflict with the school curriculum and ethos. There must be adequate insurance, the school insurance policy should be checked and if an activity is not covered additional insurance will be necessary.

The Board is not responsible for the organisational, promotional, financial or other arrangements relating to these activities. Prior to commencement of these activities a written contract must be signed by the course organiser and sub-committee of the Board with responsibility for the after-school activities. The contract shall run for a limited period, agreed by both parties, generally for the duration of the academic year.

In line with our Garda Vetting Policy, Garda vetting will be required for all instructors and supervisors who may have regular access to children.

The Board does not guarantee exclusivity in the activity to the organiser, additional proposals will be afforded similar consideration. It will be agreed in advance which classrooms are to be used for the activities and on which days. The course organiser will receive a list of participating children, with parents/guardians contact details. Details of courses, dates, times etc will be displayed on the After-Schools noticeboard and sent home with the weekly information letter.

At the end of every term the sub-committee will pay an agreed amount to the school to cover any photocopying costs incurred by the activities. This amount will be agreed with the Principal based on usage.

Course Organiser

The course organiser shall be responsible for all children enrolled in their class/activity and their adequate supervision while on the premises and until they are collected after the activity. The course organiser will collect children attending their class before the class begins at a location agreed with the school principal and will accompany them to the yard at the finishing time.

The standard school policies apply during the after school activities, the most relevant are the Code of Behaviour and the Anti-Bullying and Child Protection policies, copies of these are made available to all course organisers. The organisers shall supply all their own materials and equipment unless otherwise arranged with the appropriate teacher. If school equipment is being used with the school’s permission, it may be operated and handled only by the course organiser. The allocated room shall be used solely for the agreed activity.

Any classroom that is used for after-school activities must be left clean and tidy, all chairs should be stacked, blinds pulled down and windows closed. No food or drink can be taken in the room. Any breakages or damages during the activities must be reported to the sub-committee of the Board. Any income tax liabilities are the sole responsibility of the course organiser. The Board shall not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects while the premises is being used. The Board reserves the right to terminate the contract if is deemed necessary. In such cases a written explanation will be provided. The decision of the Board is final in such matters. Should classes be cancelled, the organiser must refund monies paid, or schedule an additional class.


Parents/Guardians who wish to enroll a child for a class must pay the fee, provide contact details and agree to the arrangements for the class by signing a form at enrollment. Parents/Guardians should inform themselves of the dates and times of the classes. Children are to be collected punctually in the school yard at the end of the activity. The school staff are not responsible for these classes. The school is not responsible for cancellation of classes or any related supervision and notification of parents. All enquiries should be made directly to the class instructor or the sub-committee (not the school office).

The course organiser or the sub-committee may announce course details in the weekly information letter, on the after-school notice board or on school’s website. Parents/guardians will be notified by text message where possible of any changes to class arrangements. They should therefore ensure that the sub-committee always has their up to date contact information. The Board shall not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects while the premises is being used.