Following our successful launch on the 3rd of April the whole school appears to be on the move. Classes are busy daily as they make their way on circuits of the school marching further around the coast of Ireland. Each week we will check out on a different class level to see how they are progressing and interview some of the children for their views on the exercise. Watch out, your class could be the next one to be selected byour roving reporter!

To make it more interesting we decided to start different classes from different locations around the country. You can track your child's progress from the photographs displayed in their class or by viewing the Map of Ireland at the Active Flag information board.

The starting points were as follows:

6th Class Dublin

5th Class New Ross

4th Class Cork City

3rd Class Kenmare

2nd Class Limerick

1st Class Galway

S. Infants Belmullet

J. Infants Donegal

ALC Class Derry